Body Ballet – Grace and Well Being for Everyone.

“Dancers are the athletes of God” – Albert Einstein.


Ballet Dancers are not only beautiful artists they are also best condition athletes, recognised for their limbs sculpted muscles and slender bodies.

How can we near these bodies ?
It is possible with BodyBallet training, a special fitness version of classic dance exercise that will:

  •  enhance your muscle tonus,
  •  eliminates fat (legs, hips, waist, arms)
  •  improve your posture,
  •  change your body lines ,
  •  deliver flexibility

You will discover a unique feeling of liberty, grace and well-being. This is something that all of us can use. To achieve best results you should be patient, motivated, accurate and regular in your training. Without age limits you can start BodyBallet even if you have never danced before.

Your success and result depends only on your desire and motivation.