Energy practice : Access Bars

Reveal, restore and reset your energy with Access Bars developed by Gary Douglas just by scalp touches.

Liberates mentally or physically blocked energy by a number of lignt scalp touches. Benefits for diverse physical healing, depressions, diverse psychological traumas, improves general mental and physical state, can bring radical changes in your life in general.

No contraindications.
All ages, children and pregnant women.
Minimum results: a relaxing scalp tactile manipulation.
Maximum result: it can change your life…
The biggest benefit is to receive and develop the capacity to receive through Access Bars practice.


To get more information about rates or appointment please contact me or 06 50 63 12 18


Why Access Bars?
Since years practicing bodyballet with different people while stretching or placing them I could feel a sort of blocked energy or expression of block as a physical pattern. I could somehow help just with longer touch or breathing. When discovered Access Bars (developed by Gary Douglas) , I was thrilled: wow that is exactly what I was looking for!   the energy practice  to complete my work with physical body.
First of all I tried it out on myself and it was a great revelation as myself I could liberate blocked energy ( mentally or physically) and reset it in a proper flow just by simple scalp touches.
I would compare it to make it simple to a reset of an electronic device….as simple as it may seem.
Today I’m happy to offer this experience to all those how need energy reset and restoration.