About me

PortraitI was born in Russia and graduated from the National Bolshoi Theatre Dance School in Minsk, Belarus. After giving birth to my baby girl I suffered serious physical afflictions. My whole body, especially my back, was deemed to be “out of order”. However I refused to give up my passion for dance and eventually overcame the hardest battle of my life through a relentless two-month period of ceaseless work. My friends were shocked at my amazing recovery after so little time, a few asked me to show them how I had done it. At first I was lost, I had used a pure and strict classic dance exercise, how could I teach it to a non-dancer? But I decided to try nonetheless and this is how the Bodyballet technique was born. I’m deeply grateful to those friends who challenged me to start working again to coach them. Every new student is an enriching experience. Bodyballet is a technique of continuous growth and individual evolution. It’s also a two-way process, as I find myself learning more and more with every new pupil I teach. This is my passion. I will be more than happy to help you discover and exploe the world of grace, beauty and well-being through Bodyballet. Feel free to contact me, thank you, and see you soon!