New! BodyBallet Kids!

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BodyBallet Kids is a new course aimed at children aged 6-7 years old, taught by former Bolshoi of Minsk dancer Tatiana Gerassimato.

Starting in October 2015, the course is now open for applications, however places are limited.
Located at Studio Atelier 18, two minutes from Abbesse metro station, the classes will take place on Wednesdays from 12.00-13.00 and Saturday from 15.00-16-00.

BodyBallet Kids is designed to give children a first body work-out in a fun and playful atmosphere, one based on the Russian method).

It’s ideal preparation for children looking to progress towards further dance or sporting activities where flexibility and bodywork is a necessity, everything from ballet and gymnastics to skate dancing, synchronized swimming, and theatre.kids3

BodyBallet Kids will focus on developing ten key areas:

  • Coordination and the Capacity to control the body
  • Stretching
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Musicality and a Sense of Rhythm
  • Concentration
  • Memory (the ability to memorize and repeat movements)
  • Endurance and Discipline
  • Imaginative Artistic Expression
  • Correct Body Posture ( position of the head, shoulders, legs, arms, etc)
  • Grace and Plastic
  • kids5

    The classes are composed of game-orientated warm-up sessions, par terre (floor) exercises with stretching,followed by dance elements using short dance combinations.kids4

    BodyBallet Kids is a wonderful opportunity to discover and develop your child’s gift and passion. Channelling the natural energy and enthusiasm of a growing child through an exploration of dance, the course acts as a fantastic compliment to their general physical and emotional development.

    Depending on the results and mutual feeling at the end of the year, further classes in elementary ballet will be suggested.