lundi, février 18th, 2019

I met Tatiana in 2014 and even if I was far from thinking that I would ever stand up on pointe shoes, I gave it a try. This trial turned out to be a challenge, a discipline, a lifestyle and today I cannot  consider not working out and following my Bodyballet exercises a few times a week. I will never dance on stage, or become a star ballerina, but I met a lifetime friend and rediscovered my body. Thanks to Tatiana I am grateful, mindful and opened to what life has to offer. I feel graceful and more confident.

Bodyballet is a chance for anyone who needs to feel peaceful. Tatiana’s smile and energy are her first assets, she shares her knowledge, her hope, her experience with anyone whatever one’s age might be: kids, mother-to-be, young women, ladies…


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